Cure of Cold by Biochemic Medicines by Darbari

Cold - (Hindustani Zukam) cold and coryza - if dry KM 3x, 4 times daily, failing which Mixture of KM 3x and NP 3x - 4 times daily.
As soon as it is discovered that chill has been caught, Aconite 6 one pill every 15 minutes cures it wonderfully. If there has been some delay, give Bell 6 one pill three times daily after Aconite 6 has failed; if these fail give mixture given under (Tendency to catch cold) for a day or so, if it fails give mixture of CF 3x, CP 3x, FP 12x, KM 3x, KP 3x, KS 3x, MP 3x, NM 3x, NP 3x and NS 3x, failing which mixture of CP 3x or 12x, CS 3x, FP 12x, NM 3x,NP 3x, NS 3x and S 12 one dose thrice daily.
One drop of mustard oil (Karuva Tel) should be put on each nostril at bed time and some oil should be rubbed on palm and sole and nail of fingers and toes of feet. If nose discharges, headache powder is to be given.
The following are very useful -
(1) Take 4 oz. (2 chatak) of water and put 1 clove (Hindustani Loung) in it , boil for 5 minutes; cool it-this should be taken. It is given for cough or pneumonia also.
(2) Take 4 oz (2 chataka) of water and put 1 oz (half chatak ) of sugar and 7 black peper in it and boil it till half water is evaporated, get the patient to drink this while hot and lie down covering his whole body including head with a cover for about 10 minutes.
If there be thin discharge from the noze give Ars Alb 6 at 7 a.m., 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.. If discharge is thick, give Merc Sol 6 every 3 hrs. If nose is stuffed, give Nux Vom 6 at 9.a.m., 4 p.m. and bed time. Aconite 6 or 30 is very useful-1 pill 3 times dail